Got balls?

Don't worry about leaving the fairway! Hit it with all you've got.
Your smartphone will get you back on track once your ball gets lost!

Use your smartphone

  • The chiping app will point you the way
  • Do not search, just find it!
  • Speed up your game
  • Use modern technologies, the smart
    never lost will communicate with you

The new golf experience: Find your balls in no time.

The Smart Way to Play

Golf Ball with Bluetooth Transmitter

If you’re into playing golf, you know how annoying it can be to get stuck on the course trying to find your ball in the rough or in the woods. It is very frustrating, trying to find your ball, losing time, or having to take a penalty shot as a consequence or even walk back to the tee.

That is why we created the never lost golf ball. It’s the smartest way to play. With the never lost you’ll play faster, score better, and save balls!

Never worry about losing track of your golf ball again!

Play faster

Nothing worse than waiting hours on the golf course! Wouldn't it be nice just playing through and head for the 19th hole?

Play the new smart never lost golf ball and the little white one just sends you a message should you loose it out of sight.

Score better

No need to go back to the tee box! Find your ball everywhere. In the worst case call it unplayable, move to the side and hit it from where you are. Take the length on every shot! Less frustration leads to lower scores! never lost balls give you just all of that.

Save balls

4.5 balls get lost on an average round. With never lost balls in the bag, all you need is one (maybe two if you can‘t stay away from water!). You no longer require to buy two sleeves on the way to the first tee! Playing an average 10 rounds per year you save at least 20 balls. We are sure you can do the math yourself.

Awesome!!! Can't wait for it!!

Burt Golf Life @GolfBurtLife

I think this ball will be very useful for Irish winter golf. Where you have soft ground causing balls to plug also with low winter sun it's impossible to see where your ball ended up. Plus it could eliminate slow play on the golf course.

Sean Hennessy @Horseboxer

This is the ball for me. I lost 80+ balls last season, and I am not!

Stevie Buist @Stevie_Buist

How I missed your golf ball last weekend. :-))

Miklós Breitner Golf Business Monitor

I love the idea of your product. Being an avid golfer and a tech enthusiast it's refreshing to see the field heading in a more modern direction!

Jordan Crone

I'm sure your product will run the golf world like an avalanche, congrats for realising the idea so many golfers dreamt of.


What an amazingly innovative idea your product is. I can certainly see this going a long long way !

Andy Gardiner @golf_andy